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Commerical Vacuum Sealer Certified Used Henkelman Micro Jumbo

Commerical Vacuum Sealer Certified Used Henkelman Micro Jumbo

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The Henkelman Micro Jumbo is great for home use! From bulk prep to sous vide cooking, infusions, marinating, and pickling this vacuum sealer cuts down on traditional methods of food preparation. 

Whether you are using this professionally or at home, the Micro Jumbo will elevate your production, preserve the quality and freshness of your food, reduce storage space in your kitchen or pantry, and elevate your vacuum packaging game. If you are looking for a long-running investment that continuously works at peak performance, you have found it!

The Henkelman Micro Jumbo Features include:

Dutch Made 

High Quality, Top-of-the-Line Busch Vacuum Pump / 5 m3/h Busch Pump (0.4 HP)

Heavy-Duty Stainless-Steel Construction 

Transparent High Domed Lid Provides Full Visibility of Vacuum & Seal Process

8.5” Removable Seal Bar

Easy-to-Use ‘Plug and Play' Functionality

Program-Control System for Multiple Vacuum and Seal Time Settings

Adjustable Vacuum Time Function (2 - 99 seconds) to Achieve Full 99% Vacuum

Adjustable Seal Time Function (0.5 - 4.0 seconds) to Ensure Positive Seal Quality

Pump Conditioning Program for Maximum Pump Life

Digital Time Control and Vacuum Gauge 


ETL / NSF Approved

Learn more about Henkelman vacuum sealers for food packaging solutions

1 Year Warranty  

Shipping Included 

Maintenance Kit Included

50 samples of 8"x12" Preserve Vacuum Sealer Bags – Invacus Parts Included

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