Recyclable Vacuum Sealer bags by GreenVac Pure Series

Recyclable Vacuum Sealer bags by GreenVac Pure Series

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The 100% recyclable GreenVAC Pure bag series is a multilayer
barrier film that provides both high moisture and oxygen barrier
properties. Our recyclable film has an innovative construction with a
superior oxygen barrier and furthers our sustainable initiatives. 100%
recyclable PE films formed into 3 side sealed vacuum pouches. 

Recyclable Film Layers 


GreenVAC bags are made for any chamber vacuum sealer and for use in commercial foodservice or production operations. These bags are ideal for
storing, extending shelf life, portion control, sous vide cooking and more. The temperature holding range for Pure bags is -40f to 250f and for
the Performance it’s -20f to 400f. All our bags are BPA-free, FDA approved and made in the US in a USDA organic certified facility.

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