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Henkelman Aero 42

Henkelman Aero 42

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This Certified Used Henkelman Aero42XLII Vacuum Packaging Machine offers a cutting-edge sensor control system designed by Henkelman, a leading vacuum sealer technology provider. Its pressure-sensitive design helps ensure perfectly sealed food, creating an extended shelf life and maximum nutrition​ for your food.

Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine Sealer with German made Busch Vacuum Pump 

ETL/ 19 m3/h Busch Pump/ 110V-1-60Hz/ double seal/ 1 x 16.5" seal bar/ sensor control/ service set

The Henkelman Aero 42 Features include:

Dutch made 

High Quality, Top-of-the-Line Busch Vacuum Pump / 19m3/h Busch Pump 

Heavy-Duty Stainless-Steel Construction 

Transparent High Domed Lid Provides Full Visibility of Vacuum & Seal Process

16.5” Removable Seal Bar

Easy-to-Use ‘Plug and Play' Functionality

New Digital Control System for Multiple Vacuum Settings

Sensor Control for up to 99.8% Vacuum 

Standard with 3 adjustable programs

Red Meat Program 

Soft Air feature for fragile/ soft products

Automatic Pump Cleaning Program for Maximum Pump Life 


Service Set for maintenance included 

ETL / NSF Approved

Shipping Included 

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