How can I marinate with my chamber vacuum sealer?

How can I marinate with my chamber vacuum sealer?

Marinating with a vacuum sealer involves using the vacuum sealing equipment to enhance the marinating process by creating a vacuum around the food and marinade. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to marinate food using a vacuum sealer:

Prepare your food and marinade: Start by cutting, trimming, or portioning your food as needed. Prepare your desired marinade in a separate container, ensuring it's well mixed and flavored to your liking.

Place the food and marinade in a vacuum-sealable bag or plate. Using the Henkelman CombiVac Marinating program. The marinating program will pull a vacuum inside the chamber and release air back into the chamber in 5 steps. This will cause the meat to open and close its pores, so that your marinade will fall deeply into the pore of your protein, just like a sponge!

Repeat first and second steps as much as you need! 

To learn more about the Henkelman marinade program click Henkelman CombiVAC - Marinate Program - YouTube 

You can also use the Invacus GreenVac Vacuum Packaging Systems ( to marinade. These are multi pans that can be used to vacuum seal, cook, chill, marinade and even tenderize food in collaboration with the Henkelman Vacuum Sealer. To marinade food using the GreenVac multi pan system follow the steps below. 

  1. Prepare your food and marinade: Start by cutting, trimming, or portioning your food as needed and place it inside the GreenVac pan.Then add your prefered marinade into the food inside the Vacuumable Gastronorm Container Set GV100 GN1/1 – Invacus Parts ( 

  2. Place the lid on the GreenVac pan once the food and marinade have been placed inside the pan.
  3.  Grab your Henkelman GreenVac External Hose Table top 0903100 – Invacus Parts and connect it to the vacuum port inside your Henkelman chamber machine. 
  4. Go to the external vacuum program on your Henkelman and hit the enter button, the vacuum pump will then start. 
  5. Connect the other side of the external hose onto the vacuum port on the GreenVac lid and the marinade process will begin! 

To see the and learn more about marinating using the GreenVac multi pan see the videos here. Quickly Marinate, Brine, Tenderize GreenVAC - YouTube and Marinate in Minutes with GreenVAC - Chimichurri Steak Tacos - YouTube

Vacuum marinating can significantly reduce the marinating time because the vacuum helps the marinade penetrate the food more effectively. It's a great method for infusing flavors and tenderizing your dishes. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about reducing your time for marinating contact us today!. 

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